El Tamarindo Beach will receive the first skydiving championship

Paratroopers from different parts of the eastern part of the country carried out training practices at El Tamarindo beach, in Conchagua, and in La Unión, as a prelude to the national precision championship organized by the Eastern Salvadoran School of Civil Acrobatic Parachuting (Esopac).

With this school, basic skydiving courses are promoted, but there is also the option of doing tandem jumps, which consist of jumping from the plane in the company of an expert in the field of skydiving without having to do maneuvers in the air.

«The tandem jump is that, if you do not want to be skydivers, you can go alone to enjoy the jump and we bring you harnessed and comes with a tandem instructor. You come and do nothing, because the work is done by me and nobody else. Only at the time of landing do I give him instructions on what he is going to do during the departure of the plane, “said Mauricio Luna, a skydiving instructor.

«Skydiving is an indescribable sensation, but the best part is breaking the fear, because there is always that little bit of fear in each jump, but when you manage to overcome it when you get out of the plane, that is the maximum feeling that one has of having achieved it,» explained Lex Reyes, one of the skydivers who took part in the practice.

Said beach will host the first precision championship, which will take place today, tomorrow, and Sunday from 8 in the morning to 5 in the afternoon.

Those in charge reported that they expect the participation of national and foreign paratroopers. According to those who already practice skydiving, this is a sport that makes you experience adrenaline and overcome fear but also awakens emotions.

Recently, this activity has been carried out on a recurring basis, since up until now there were already around 200 active athletes in the country.