La Ceiba Hospital of the ISSS has 97% completion

The La Ceiba Hospital of the Salvadoran Social Security Institute (ISSS) has made 97% progress, which will allow the decentralization of different services that are currently provided in the establishments of Santa Tecla, Atlacatl, and Zacamil, among others.

The director of the ISSS, Mónica Ayala, explained that this care center will set up ophthalmology operating rooms, external consultation, and a training area.

“We are going to have three operating rooms, and the peritoneal dialysis training area continues to be ambulatory. With this, we are decentralizing and taking these services to this new center that, first God, we will inaugurate in January. We are 97% complete,” said Dr. Ayala.

The official said that the opening of this new center will allow the authorization of 1,300 hemodialysis slots to benefit patients with kidney diseases.

She regretted that previous governments had promised a pediatric hospital, but it was never enabled.

“We came across a hotel that was bought for a pediatric hospital that never launched,” said Dr. Ayala.

On the other hand, the head of the ISSS also highlighted how the institution has benefited the beneficiaries with the extension of operating room hours at the General Hospital, which has allowed the waiting list to be shortened.

“In the orthopedics area, care in operating rooms has been expanded; we open more hours to be able to get on the waiting list,” she said.