Some international organizations push for the continuation of bloodbaths and violence in Latin America. El Salvador is exposing them

The President of the Republic, Nayib Bukele, assured this Thursday that there are international organizations that maintain an active interest “in continuing the bloodbath in Latin America”, for which they criticize effective measures to eradicate this problem, as they are doing with El Savior.

Bukele emphasized that these organizations do not seek to eradicate violence from Latin America, so they take advantage of every opportunity and make complex mechanisms available to oppose measures that combat this problem head-on, as they are doing in El Salvador.

«Have you noticed how the big media and NGOs have intensified their attacks in recent days? Here’s why. It is not that they are interested in El Salvador (they never were), their fear is that we will succeed and other governments will want to imitate it. They fear the power of example », Bukele published on his Twitter account this Thursday.

The president’s words refer to the constant attacks and criticism that international organizations and the local and world media make against measures such as the emergency regime or the Territorial Control Plan, which have been the bastions with which the current government has fought gangs and crime.

“It’s a perverse scheme. These organizations have an invested interest in continuing the bloodbath in Latin America. They attack those who fight crime and terrorism while promoting ways for criminals and terrorists to access or return to political power,” Bukele said.

Among the measures that the Bukele government has implemented in recent months is the start of phase 5 of the Territorial Control Plan, called “Extraction”, with a security fence in the municipality of Soyapango, which has allowed the capture of 185 mareros.

Another of the measures supported by the population is the emergency regime, approved on March 27 in response to the latest rise in homicide in El Salvador.

After the approval of the measure, which is still in force more than seven months after being ratified by the Legislative Assembly, the authorities of the Ministry of Security have confirmed that there are more than 59,000 members or collaborators of gang groups throughout the Salvadoran territory. .

Similarly, the Territorial Control Plan, with which the security forces in El Salvador have maintained frontal combat against gangs and criminal groups for more than three years under the Bukele administration, has been implemented.

Between the application of the Territorial Control Plan and the validity of the emergency regime, El Salvador has registered more than 200 days with zero homicides so far in Bukele’s term. In addition, the country has achieved a historic reduction in violence, having three of the safest months in the entire history of the country in 2022.