Ortus Solutions, the software company that boosts technology in El Salvador

On December 7, INTO THE BOX LATAM 2022 will take place in El Salvador, a conference that will bring together renowned open-source software developers from around the world to share tools and new technologies with Salvadoran and regional participants.

Said educational space, in which around 200 attendees are expected, was designed by Luis Majano, a Salvadoran computer engineer who founded a software development company called Ortus Solutions in 2006 and who now, through this initiative, seeks to promote the technological ecosystem in El Salvador.

“Technological talent exists in El Salvador; we have the talent. In addition, the country is in an excellent geographical position to be able to offer things to the United States, Canada, Europe, and South America. It is important for us to hold this conference to bring education,” Majano said in an interview with “Diario El Salvador.”

In the businessman’s vision, El Salvador is ready to become the “epicenter” of technology businesses in Latin America, due to the strength that initiatives in this regard have taken within the territory and the facilities that exist in the construction of systems.

“El Salvador is something special, and our goal is for El Salvador to become an epicenter of technology,” he said.

Majano studied at Florida International University, worked for several years in large companies in North America, developed open source software (software that is freely available for reuse or adaptation) called Coldbox, and later founded his own company in the United States.

Later, thanks to the success he had in the North American nation and his desire to open opportunities for young Salvadorans, he decided to open offices in El Salvador. Now, he has around 28 employees who have been trained by the company, but he plans to double that number in 2023.

«Now we are in the United States, El Salvador and we are based in Spain. We have grown very focused on open source to help companies around the world,” he added.

About the company

Ortus Solutions currently designs open source software, which can be accessed by anyone; however, it is also dedicated to offering professional free code services for companies, and in the future they are looking to start developing a programming language.

“We have a vision of becoming not only a professional services company but also a product company. We are considering starting to create languages. Also, we want to invest in education, internships for more young people at Ortus. In 2023 we are going to start creating user design” said the CEO.

On the other hand, he plans to offer free training once a month in the country, in collaboration with Hogar Shalom and another non-profit organization, specifically to foster new generations of developers.

“Customer companies have a support contract with us, and we can help them with implementation, architecture, design, development, security responses, and security inventories. We are looking for more young people to be able to work on it », he concluded.