The Swedish Institute for Environmental Research will support ANDA on a project that will benefit 21,000 Cuscatancingo residents

The president of ANDA, Rubén Alemán, along with the ambassador of El Salvador in Sweden, Patricia Godinez, and the vice president of the Swedish Institute for Environmental Research, sten Ekengren, reported on a cooperation project that will benefit the people of Cuscatancingo on Wednesday, November 30.In addition, to take a tour of the Torogoz water treatment plant.

“We had the pleasure of receiving the vice president of the Swedish Institute for Environmental Research, Ósten Ekengren, with whom we are managing a wastewater project that will potentiate methane gas to energize a drinking water plant in Cuscatancingo”, indicated the president of ANDA , Ruben German.

ANDA, together with the Swedish Institute for Environmental Research, will work on a project that will generate energy and supply clean water to the pumping plant and wastewater, using biogas and photovoltaic panels, which will reduce the $200,000 per year in electric bill costs of the pumping plant in Ciudad Futura.

“We were able to go through and identify everything we are doing in terms of quality assurance and control. We were able to identify these capabilities with the Swedish Research Institute to strengthen the team in charge of the Torogoz plant,” Aleman stressed.

With this cooperation project, ANDA will benefit more than 21,000 Salvadorans, inhabitants of Cuscatancingo. «With the execution of this project, we are going to improve the supply and sanitation of this plant [Ciudad Futura] in Cuscatancingo. We are going to generate clean and green energy. All this has to do with climate change,” said the president of ANDA.

It is also worth mentioning that this activity is a follow-up to the visit that said authorities made at the end of August to Smart City Sweden, during World Water Week 2022, which aimed to establish alliances with strategic allies that contribute to strengthening the institution.