El Salvador assumes the protempore presidency of the Council of Ministers of Transportation of Central America in 2023

El Salvador, through the Ministry of Public Works and Transportation (MOPT), will assume in 2023 the protempore presidency of the Sectoral Council of Infrastructure Ministers of Central America (COMITRAN), made up of the transportation and infrastructure ministers of Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Panama.

The Minister of Public Works, Romeo Rodríguez, the Vice Minister of Transportation, Nelson Reyes, and their counterparts from Central America attended the COMITRAN meeting that was held yesterday in Guatemala City.

El Salvador has a detailed plan that contemplates priority aspects in terms of mobility and transportation. «In the year 2023 it will be the Ministry of Public Works of El Salvador who will assume the Presidency pro tempore for one year. I bring a work plan so that it can be reviewed and approved by each one, on the different issues that could be discussed and that are important to advancing the issue of the Mobility and Logistics Master Plan that is being developed in the region,” said the official.

As reported by the MOP, the event addressed issues of regional interest such as the project for the formulation of the regional master plan and the proposal to articulate the mobility and logistics strategy with the Central American Trade and Competitiveness Strategy. Other topics that were addressed were the strengthening of capacities for the incorporation of disaster risk reduction and sustainable and inclusive adaptation to climate change in public investment in the member countries of the Council of Ministers of Finance of Central America ( COSEFIN), which is a sectoral body of the Central American Integration System (SICA), and others.

COMITRAN, according to Minister Romeo Rodrguez, provides strategic support to the entire regional integration process through the use of extra-regional connectivity focused on three fundamental pillars: infrastructure and regional transport regulations that must be followed between the different countries to ensure the reduction and expediting of times and merchandise transfers, to improve trade and boost the economies of the region.

In 2023, according to the minister, there will be seven main products to prioritize and develop within the framework of the COMITRAN work agenda, one of which is the validation of the Regional Mobility and Logistics Master Plan until the year 2035.