Almost 2,000 weapons seized from gangs have been destroyed

The Armed Forces, the Prosecutor’s Office, and the Police carried out the process of destroying 1,921 firearms seized from the gangs.

“We continue to remove more weapons from circulation and protect Salvadoran families,” said the military institution. In total, 1,241 short arms, 583 rifles and shotguns, and 97 handmade weapons were destroyed.

The destruction of the weapons was carried out in the facilities of the Corinca factory, in compliance with the Law for the Control and Regulation of Weapons, Ammunition, Explosives, and Similar Items, the authorities reported.

Between March 27 and November 14 of this year, authorities have seized 1,829 firearms, 2,216 vehicles, and $1.43 million from gang groups that were illegally obtained and used to commit crimes against the Salvadoran population.

Since March 27, the date the emergency regime was implemented, combined with the execution of the Territorial Control Plan, the police, with the support of the armed forces, have waged a fight against gangs and crime in El Salvador.

As a result of these efforts, the authorities have achieved the two safest months in all of Salvadoran history in July and August of this year, which closed with 21 days without homicides on a national scale each.

Similarly, other areas, such as the fight against drug trafficking and other crimes, have been strengthened with the application of the exception regime and the execution of the Territorial Control Plan. To date, the Ministry of Security has reported the capture of 58,096 gang members and collaborators who are being held in prison.