Young talented Salvadoran students have won nearly 300 medals in the last three years

Student Olympians in the Young Talent program have won nearly 300 medals in international competition in the past three years. According to the data from the program, 2020 was the year in which they obtained the most medals, with 93. In 2021, they won 81; in 2019, they won 57; and so far in 2022, they have accumulated 53.

According to Jennifer Chávez, director of Young Talent, in addition to the number of medals, students have improved their performance, obtaining gold medals more frequently. «In terms of performance, El Salvador has been increasing. This year and last year have been when we have obtained the most gold and silver medals for the first time. In some of these Olympics, we have participated for more than 10 years, but on those occasions, we did not obtain as many medals. Now we do, and it is the product of the work that has been done,” Chávez said.

The young people who participate in the Olympics belong to the Olympic groups of each subject, and those who obtain the best results in the first phases of the national Olympics enter.

«Despite the pandemic, the Young Talent program has managed to maintain the training and selection processes. We have had the support of the government to be able to continue our work. Then it is the learning process of the areas, because we are updating the syllabus of the subjects”, indicated Chávez.

In the Olympics, there are two tutors, one who is the head of the delegation and the other who is a mentor, and both are in charge of representing the young people when their participation is evaluated.