El Salvador participates in the United Nations Conference on Climate Change

El Salvador is present at the largest climate event in the world, which is the 27th United Nations Conference on Climate Change in 2022, more commonly known as COP 27. The Minister of the Environment has participated in different presentations and meetings where he has exposed the actions that the country takes to adapt to climate change.

“We have spoken with many cooperators and participated in negotiations where we stressed the importance of climate change, a phenomenon that for El Salvador represents damage such as floods, landslides, and displacements,” explained the Minister of the Environment, Fernando López.

The official participated in a presentation on risk management, territorial ordering, and urban planning, and had a bilateral meeting on joint projects with Hong Paterson, director of finance and operations; Carolina Fuentes, director of the country program; and Cayetano Casado, regional manager, of the Green Climate Fund.

He was also at the ministerial meeting of the Ibero-American Network of Climate Change Offices (RIOCC), in the European Union pavilion. In a side event on innovative policies, Fernando López highlighted the National Environmental Incentives Program, the updating of the environmental compensation metric, and the design and implementation of a package of economic and financial incentives, among other advances in El Salvador in this area.

According to him, climate change in the country is mainly reflected in hydrological phenomena such as rainfall. This international activity seeks to ensure that countries fulfill their commitments to help mitigate and adapt to climate change. “The reality of climate change in El Salvador is facing extreme droughts and increasingly intense and frequent hydrometeorological phenomena, which come from the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean,” explained Fernando López.