The First Lady, Gabriela de Bukele, and a UNICEF representative reaffirm their commitment to early childhood

The first lady, Gabriela de Bukele, met with the representative of Unicef El Salvador, Yvette Blanco, with the aim of reaffirming the commitment to work for early childhood in the country.

«I met with Yvette Blanco, a representative of Unicef El Salvador, and we talked about the work we have done together with the institution. During this meeting, united by the same objective, we reaffirm the reciprocal commitment that we have with early childhood. I thank UNICEF for accompanying us in our work, especially in the implementation of the Growing Together Policy, the Born With Affection Law, and the Love Turned into Food Law, and for supporting the Growing Together Law, which will be implemented in January of next year,” the first lady stated in a publication.

As part of the meeting, the importance of early childhood and the window of opportunity it represents to achieve a true transformation in Salvadoran society were highlighted.

Gabriela de Bukele has promoted the Grow Together Law, which will come into force in 2023 and gives value to this stage of human life, which for decades was not given due importance in society.