8 out of 10 Salvadorans want Nayib Bukele to stay as president

The Salvadoran population is clear that President Nayib Bukele has begun a process of transformation in El Salvador and has sufficient merits to continue in office.

According to the most recent public opinion poll released by the Francisco Gavidia University (UFG), there is support from the public for the presidential re-election, since eight out of 10 respondents agree that he should continue governing.

The three main reasons that those surveyed gave for giving this answer are that Bukele has been a good ruler (33.97%), he has kept the promises he made (23.98%), and he is a firm ruler (16.28%). 

The population qualifies the president with 8.42 out of 10 on a global scale for his work. This grade reflects an increase compared to the same measurement recorded in September, when it was 8.08.

Despite having included questions with a marked trend, the UFG survey reaffirms other tabulations that have been developed in previous months.

The director of the UFG Institute of Science, Technology, and Innovation and researcher, Óscar Picardo Joao, explained yesterday that the Salvadoran population has a perception of improvements with the work carried out by the Executive.

In addition, he recognized that there is a connection between President Nayib Bukele, more than any other political figure, and the Salvadoran population.

“People’s connection is quite one-person with him [President Nayib Bukele],” Picardo said in the Face to Face interview, where he presented the findings of the survey.

“In general terms, what must be concluded is that there is a marked support of the people for presidential re-election,” added the researcher.

He also explained that, according to the survey, the population states that, in order to achieve the transformations that El Salvador needs, three presidential terms are necessary; this evaluation obtained a 45% endorsement.

President Nayib Bukele announced on September 15 that he will stand as a candidate for presidential re-election in the February 2024 elections.

It will be the decision of the voting population that will determine whether to support him to continue as head of the Executive or not, thus fulfilling the ruling of the Constitutional Chamber, which determined that this is the power of the sovereign at the time of voting.

Picardo pointed out in the same interview that, in light of the results of the survey and the attacks by traditional political parties, their media, and related spokesmen, among others, Bukele maintains a high level of acceptance.