El Salvador will host the “Adopting Bitcoin” event

El Salvador will once again host Adopting Bitcoin, a space that promotes knowledge about the crypto ecosystem and seeks to make the country known as an ideal place to invest.

Noor El Bawab, co-organizer of the event, explained to “Diario El Salvador” that the 2022 edition will take place from November 15 to 17 at the Crowne Plaza hotel, and will seek to study the country’s experience one year after the adoption of bitcoin as legal tender.

“We did the event last year in the context of the Bitcoin week in November, and we decided to do it again this year. Last year we had plans to do the event for about 300 or 400 people, but we ended up with 600 people at the event », she detailed.

According to El Bawab, this year they expect to have a similar number of attendees, including representatives from 300 crypto companies that will explore business opportunities in El Salvador and hope to find trained human talent to open their offices.

“Most of the people who come here seek to understand what is happening in El Salvador and to see for themselves the realities that exist here. A lot of them are looking to develop something to help adoption or understand what people need to truly adopt bitcoin,” she added.

The ticket price for Salvadorans is $21 and for foreigners, $425. This includes access to conferences and workshops with top-level panelists in the blockchain world. In addition, on the last date, the participants will be taken to El Zonte, La Libertad, a community that has been using bitcoin for almost 2 years.

“This event is not to learn bitcoin from scratch. It is designed for people who are curious or a bit knowledgeable about bitcoin and want to learn a lot more; people from outside also come because the quality of the presentations is very high », she pointed out.

On the other hand, El Bawab, who is also part of the Galoy company, indicated that from the perspective of the organizers of the event, the adoption of bitcoin in El Salvador is an important milestone in the history of money.

“Bitcoin adoption is an excellent thing from our perspective because it is a new monetary system that is completely decentralized, non-confiscatable, and non-corruptible. In one year, the evolution has been extraordinary considering that almost nobody in the country knew about bitcoin », she concluded.