Authorities have seized 9.7 tons of various drugs so far this year in El Salvador

Defense Minister René Merino Monroy explained that so far in 2022 they have managed to seize 9.7 tons of various drugs from drug traffickers, of which 6.9 tons have been seized during the emergency regime.

The total amount of drugs seized amounts to $223.27 million.

The head of defense added that in the war against gangs, these criminal structures have also been weakened with the seizure of marijuana.

“We have the necessary tools to fight drug trafficking; we are providing the institution with resources, and this is part of the current government’s policy to stop this action,” Merino said.

Significant results

The current government has achieved historic results in terms of security as well as in the fight against drug activity.

The security strategies implemented have allowed the drug seizures to triple with respect to the FMLN’s management, during the five-year mandate of Salvador Sánchez Cerén of the FMLN.

In total, between 2019 and 2022, the current administration has seized 4,693.39 kilograms valued at $116,979,615.07

In the 10 months of this year alone, the 2,200 kilograms of cocaine valued at $55,000,000 seized from criminal structures exceed the 1,462 kilograms of drugs [$36,771,762] seized during the five years [2014–2018] of the Sánchez Cerén administration.