El Salvador Removes Gang Badges in Every Corner of the Country

The director of Penal Centers, Osiris Luna, assured that procedures have been carried out to destroy tombstones with gang group emblems in the cemeteries of Santa Tecla and Colón, in the department of La Libertad.

Director Luna stressed that this measure has been taken so that there are no spaces left where the memory of criminals who have mourned Salvadoran families in previous years is extolled and commemorated.

«The terrorists “honored” and placed flowers for their members in the Santa Tecla cemetery. No terrorist deserves any recognition, which is why we destroy all traces of these groups. In this country, gangs no longer have a place,” Luna said.

The official also explained that this destruction of tombstones has been carried out in the Santa Tecla cemetery and in the Colón cemeteries, in La Libertad, but the initiative will be promoted throughout the country.

This measure is also added to the deployment that Penal Centers have made in recent months to erase all graffiti alluding to gangs on the streets throughout Salvadoran territory.