The Telegraph highlighted the tourist virtues of El Salvador as a result of the changes generated by President Bukele

The British newspaper The Telegraph published a report that highlights the different tourist routes that El Salvador has and the changes that are taking place in the country with the security, economy, and tourism plans implemented by the President of the Republic, Nayib Bukele.

«It rarely makes the news for the right reasons, but this Central American nation with a Bitcoin-loving leader deserves a rebrand,» he said in the post.

The report was shared by the bitcoiner, Stacy Herbert, on her Twitter account. «Largest rebranding in history,» the bitcoiner posted.

President Bukele shared the British media article, leaving a message for bitcoiners and foreign tourists.

«I like Stacy Herbert always says: the biggest rebrand in history! … Visit El Salvador », the president published on his social networks.

The Telegraph also does an important review of the country, its charming tourist attractions, and the rich gastronomy that El Salvador has.

«San Salvador is a large, modern, American-looking city, better for hamburgers or pizzas than for pupusas, the delicious flatbreads stuffed with pork, cheese, and beans that are the basic snack in the interior of the country,» comments this British media.

He adds, «Visiting those places may sound like the very definition of ‘dark tourism,’ but the people I met there were welcoming and friendly, and the trip to the sierras around Perquín [Morazán], now known as the capital of the Ruta de la Paz, was quite magical. The collision of natural beauty and human tragedy is a key part of recent Central American history,» the article reads.