CEL lays the first cornerstone for a photovoltaic generation plant

The Executive Hydroelectric Commission of the Lempa River (CEL) laid the first stone of the first photovoltaic generation plant in the State that will be built in the Talnique Power Plant, in the department of La Libertad.

Talnique’s first photovoltaic generation plant will be built and managed by CEL’s subsidiary, Inversiones Energéticas (INE).

Talnique Solar will be made up of 29,000 solar panel modules that will be installed on a plot of land that has an extension of 19 blocks, which will have a bifacial technology that will allow greater efficiency to be generated by generating energy on both sides of the panel.

“The first photovoltaic plant in the State will generate renewable energy for 25,000 salvadoran households, which consume an average of 100 kWh,” reported the president of CEL, Daniel Álvarez.

The Talnique Solar plant will be built thanks to an investment of $20 million and will have an installed capacity of 17 MW Peak, as explained by the head of the entity.

“We are proud to announce this project, which will be built and operated by INE, which currently generates energy with Bunker and is now taking a big step towards the transition to renewables,” concluded CEL President Daniel Álvarez.