US sheriffs and police chiefs are interested in visiting El Salvador to learn about national security plans

The Minister of Justice and Security, Gustavo Villatoro, shared that sheriffs and police chiefs from some cities in the United States are interested in visiting El Salvador to learn first-hand about the security strategies that the government of President Nayib Bukele has implemented to stop gang delinquency and the capture of thousands of criminals within the framework of the exception regime.

“Many county sheriffs and commissioners asked us to come to El Salvador (…) we are going to prepare ourselves to be able to receive these officials from other countries who want to know first-hand the experience of what we are doing in the country,” as explained by the minister during a TV interview.

The official also highlighted to the American police chiefs, specifically in Long Island, New York, the way in which the government has managed to transform the country’s prison system with social programs, which are oriented so that those deprived of liberty repay society through their labor, making important changes in favor of citizens.

Villatoro was in New York presenting to 500 people, including police chiefs from various states in El Salvador, the changes that have occurred in terms of citizen security and how El Salvador has become one of the safest countries in America.

«President Nayib Bukele’s security strategies have become an example of the work of the police in different cities in the United States. For years, El Salvador was synonymous with violence. Now the story has changed », Villatoro highlighted on his social media.