The My New School educational reform moves forward, renovating more than 1,300 schools in the country

The interim Minister of Education, Mauricio Pineda, reported that they have already identified the educational centers affected by tropical storm Julia, and there are 360. Likewise, he reported that through the educational reform My New School, 1,000 schools will be involved in a total remodel with a pedagogical approach.

“With the increase in the budget for education in 2023, the improvements to the entire school infrastructure will continue, as well as the transformation of the educational system,” Pineda said.

He announced that some 70 educational centers with renovated school infrastructure are about to be handed over to the educational community. The schools have been remediated with the technical and direct support of the Ministry of Public Works and the Directorate of Municipal Works.

Likewise, the Ministry of Education reported that it has 50 more tenders to intervene in other schools. “At the end of the year, in addition to these 50, there will be another 100 schools that will be separated so that they become decent spaces for students,” said the Minister of Education.