El Salvador uses drones for spraying fungicides to guarantee the adequate production of basic grains

With the goal of protecting and guaranteeing the safe production of basic grains in El Salvador, the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock (MAG) began this Friday morning the application of fungicides through “agrodrones” to speed up said actions through technology.

Enrique Parada, Minister of Agriculture, pointed out that these actions seek to ensure that grains are produced safely in Salvadoran territory. In addition, he emphasized the use of technology to improve agricultural production capacity in El Salvador.

These agrodrones have the capacity to spray three blocks of land in an average time of 12 minutes, so they are useful for spraying crop fields. These tools will also be available to Salvadoran producers to protect their crops.

“This day we start in the plantations that will help us to provide quality seeds to producers and guarantee food security, despite the passage of the Julia climate phenomenon. We are responding to the national emergency to protect the crops that will provide food security to Salvadorans. We started with the application of fungicides through agrodrones, to maximize reach and resources », he commented.

“We started these actions that will guarantee that production is not lost. We will distribute fungicides at the national level, depending on what we identify in the territory, in such a way as to guarantee that their consumption is ensured by national production,” Parada explained.

Similarly, the official emphasized that “we need to make use of technologies that allow us to be fast and efficient in the application, so we will use agrodrones, which allow us to give an early response to producers; we fulfilled our commitment not to leave them alone.”

“We maintain our perspective that we are going to produce everything that we are going to consume. Know that the markets remain supplied and we continue to carry out inspections, trying to prevent someone irresponsible from speculating on prices and harming the people, “he added.

Parada also remarked that they continue with the deployment of MAG technicians throughout the country to assess the damage that the passage of storm Julia has left in El Salvador, in order to draw lines of action for the measures with which they will guarantee that the food production in the country is not seriously affected.

“Since the emergency was decreed, we have created technical tables, where producers and technicians from our ministry participate. The purpose of these tables is to receive information to make the right decisions,” he said.

“We have deployed more than 240 technicians in the field who are verifying the damage. We have a report that there are 10,300 damaged production blocks in the country and others that are at risk,” said the official.