CAF provides $250,000 in humanitarian aid to El Salvador in response to Hurricane Julia

The Development Bank of Latin America-CAF reported through a press release that it immediately donated $250,000 to the Government of El Salvador, destined for humanitarian aid and reconstruction of infrastructure damaged by tropical storm Julia.

El Salvador has been a full member of CAF since the beginning of 2022 and became the 20th member of the regional financial institution.

“I wish to express our solidarity with the people of El Salvador in the face of the devastating effects of Hurricane Julia, which has caused significant human losses and immeasurable material damage. Given this situation, CAF offers its support to contribute to humanitarian aid efforts in the face of the emergency through the designated government channel,” said Sergio Díaz-Granados, Executive President of CAF.

Through a letter, the executive president of CAF also expressed appreciation for the actions carried out by the government to support the victims, as well as for the integrity of the population and the collective actions of society in the face of this situation.

“With this contribution, CAF hopes to contribute to the emergency humanitarian aid efforts that the Salvadoran government carries out and demonstrates its commitment to the well-being of the inhabitants of its member countries,” reported the financial organization.

Tropical storm Julia left human losses in the country, damage to public and private infrastructure, floods, and considerable damage to grain harvests nationwide.