ISSS exchanges experiences and grasps best practices from the Social Security Fund of Panama on the subject of transplants

In order to learn about the transplant program developed by the Social Security Fund of Panama (CSSP), the director of the Salvadoran Social Security Institute, Mónica Ayala, visited and met with her Panamanian counterparts.

“It is a worthy example to imitate. Everything they have done is incredible. I think that none of our countries has this,” said the head of the ISSS during the visit.

During the visit, Dr. Ayala met with the deputy director general of the CSSP, Edwin Rodríguez. Both officials shared the experiences of the institutions they led. Rodríguez expanded on the progressive growth of the National Transplant Program that they execute in Panama.

Likewise, he detailed the regulations and care protocols, the advancement of technological processes in health and economic benefits, in addition to the innovations and the MedicSol program, according to the CSSP.

For her part, the administrator of the Ciudad Salud program, Fernanda Billard, recognized the advances that the ISSS has made and pointed out that the alliances between the two institutions will be mutually beneficial.

«We had the opportunity to exchange experiences. They (ISSS) have also made progress in important areas that will be of benefit to the bank. They talked with Carlos Rodríguez from Innovation, looking at the issue of MediSol and other issues that have been implemented. I think this cooperation is going to be very beneficial, win-win,” Billard said.

The head of the ISSS emphasized the importance of inheriting a new institution with innovation in the attention of beneficiaries, for which she stated that these exchanges of experiences will provide inputs to achieve the objective.

“I want to settle a historic debt with the start of construction of a decent hospital complex and to do so, learning about large projects such as the CSSS Health City becomes important,” Ayala pointed out.