President Bukele to UNGA: “We still need recognition of our right to be free.”

President Nayib Bukele yesterday called on the rest of the nations of the world present at the United Nations General Assembly to provide mutual support within the framework of respect for the sovereignty and self-determination of each one to build more just and egalitarian societies.

“I am on this podium to speak – to you about freedom, that freedom that my people, El Salvador, long for so much, and the one that all the peoples of the world long for,” was part of the message that the Salvadoran president expressed in his speech, which lasted 12 minutes.

Nayib Bukele made a comparison of the relations between developed nations and those that are developing.

“It’s like there are two neighbors, one rich and one poor. The poor man has the right to improve his house, change the roof, fix the walls, and the rich neighbor does not have to intervene or force him to stay in the past, “he added.

Part of the Salvadoran president’s speech focused on the need for all nations to respect one another while preserving the sovereignty of each people.

“I come from a country that is the smallest in the American continent, and even so, being the smallest, it is not respected by the countries that have much more,” the president stressed in his speech.

He also explained that El Salvador has already begun a process of historical transformation, in which the past of violence generated by gangs is left behind, by attracting tourism through surfing in the entire national coastal zone.

“In a very short time, El Salvador has gone from being literally the most dangerous country in the world to being on its way to being the safest country in the Americas,” he added.

The head of state reiterated that the population has the right to defend all the transformations that have been achieved.

«All the achievements that we have had in our country, which are just beginning and which have been achieved in a very short time, are immense for us. And we have the right to protect them and to continue on the path of our development, “said the president in his speech.

He called on all presidents, prime ministers, and heads of state to change the perspective in which they see themselves as nations and to provide mutual support to build a fairer globalized society.

He recalled that part of the constitutive principles of the United Nations Organization are the respect and self-determination of all member countries.

“The UN was not created to divide, subjugate, or destroy nations; it was created to work together and build solutions to global problems », he recalled.

He ended his speech before the seventy-seventh UN General Assembly by emphasizing to the rest of the countries that they see in El Salvador a partner and a friend willing to work together, respecting the sovereignty and self-determination that each nation is free to have.