Salvadorans honor their coffee heritage in the month of independence

The Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock (MAG) invites Salvadorans to celebrate 201 years of Independence with a cup of the best coffee in the world: Café de El Salvador with a special edition of Independence.

The presentation that evokes the pride of being Salvadoran, with a mixture of the golden grain, called Bicentennial, was prepared by local producers.

“The Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock, through the Café de El Salvador brand, honors our 201 years of independence with a special edition. Café de El Salvador, Independence Edition, was born precisely as a tribute to our fertile coffee-growing land to honor more than 200 years of independence,” reported the MAG.

In this sense, he indicated that the initiative is inspired by the six coffee mountain ranges of the country.

 “The packaging of Café de El Salvador Bicentennial Edition is painted as a homeland and incorporates characteristic elements of our identity to commemorate our true Independence, such as torogoz, maquilishuat, and, of course, grains of the best coffee in the world: Café de El Salvador, in a variety as exquisite as the one developed in our land, the Pacamara,” added the institutional statement.

According to information from the MAG, this special edition of coffee will be available in 56 coffee shops nationwide with the Bourbon, Pacamara, and select grain varieties.

“The best of our six coffee mountain ranges will be able to reach the palates of Salvadorans, honoring our independence and supporting our true producers,” the ministry added.