El Salvador celebrates 201 years of independence and, more importantly, its true independence

From the early hours, the government authorities and the population prepared to witness one of the civic acts that have made it clear that it is the celebration of a new El Salvador on this September 15.

Salvadorans decided to attend the long-awaited parade, which had not been held for two years due to the arrival of COVID-19 in the country. This time, it is one, in which, for the first time, sectors of society that were previously forgotten participate.

The new generations were also present to commemorate the true independence of Libertad.

It is worth mentioning that the parade route was scheduled for 8 in the morning from the Salvador del Mundo square and will culminate in the Cuscatlán park, where a total of 22 educational centers from San Salvador will participate.

Similarly, a total of 4,000 members of the Armed Forces will attend the civic activity, which, for the first time, will present new security equipment never before seen by the population and with which they will continue fighting criminals.

The Armed Forces were one of the first institutions that paraded in front of the population with the elements of the different units that work every day to maintain security in the country. In addition to showing new equipment to fight crime, It was also surprising to exhibit the flight of the aircraft that are part of the tools to maintain peace, which includes the fight against drug trafficking.

Several Salvadorans decided to show their satisfaction with the actions carried out by the current government during the civic event on September 15. Among the strategies highlighted by the population was the issue of security in the country.

“El Salvador has presented changes since the new government arrived. I feel that now I can raise it (the flag) with great pride, because today I do feel proud to be Salvadoran,” said Rebeca Durán, who attended the civic parade.

It is worth mentioning that Salvadorans celebrate this September 15 by waving the country’s flag, as a symbol of peace and freedom of a new El Salvador, during the parade of members of the Armed Forces, educational centers, PNC, Civil Protection, and other sectors of society that were previously forgotten by previous governments.