“My New School,” the educational reform that will ensure equal opportunities in El Salvador

The President of the Republic, Nayib Bukele, assured yesterday on Twitter that with his government’s educational reform, called “My New School,” it will guarantee equal opportunities for early childhood, childhood, and youth in the country, but it does not guarantee equality in the results that everyone has. 
«The result of each one will depend on his individual responsibility (and, of course, on the responsibility of his parents). We all build El Salvador », he stated.

On September 8, the Salvadoran president launched “My New School,” a project that consists of a profound and comprehensive change in the national education system and that includes the repair and remodeling of at least 5,150 schools and the construction of new schools. , as well as the incorporation of components focused on student health, the incorporation of technology in the classroom, teacher training, early childhood care, and curriculum renewal. 

Added to this initiative is the delivery of more than a million tablets and computers with programs and internet installed that the government of President Bukele has made to students in the public education system.

“If, despite all that, in ten years he is a criminal, then we are going to catch him and put him in jail. Now, if you get good grades, work, and make an effort, I guarantee you that you will have opportunities so that you can achieve the results that you dream of, “said the president to the students and parents. 

In addition, he urged them to responsibly take advantage of all those educational resources that the current government has provided them in order to close the digital gap in schools and train productive citizens for society.