More than 12,000 students from private schools migrated to the public sector

According to data from the Ministry of Education, 12,203 students transferred from a private educational center to one in the public sector in the 2021-2022 school year. In January 2021 alone, it was recorded that more than 900 students had mobilized.

According to teachers, the increase in students migrating to the public sector is directly related to the actions carried out by the current government to promote education, such as the provision of computers for fourth grade and high school students and the distribution of tablets for children from first to third grade, among others.

In relation to the delivery of technological equipment, they have been distributed with connectivity, with access to educational platforms and with pedagogical applications. This corresponds to closing the digital gap, an action for which the Government has allocated $600 million.

This high investment has also had an impact on educational enrollment. In the Tepeyac Catholic School Center, in Mejicanos, enrollment was closed last year with 180 students, and this year 225 students are registered. Some have migrated from the private sector.

According to the director, the students and their families are motivated by the educational resources provided by the government and that is why they have enrolled in the public sector. “Enrollment has increased in all cycles. The parents are happy with the delivery of computers and shoes. They already delivered the food, and we gave it to the parents. The books are a great benefit because we no longer resort to a publisher and we reinforce the contents of the program,” informed the director of the Tepeyac School Center, Jéssica Brendaly Blanco.

According to the director, in this educational center, education has taken a leap in quality with all the programs implemented by the current government since different pedagogical strategies work on computers, such as the digital notebook.

In March 2022, the Ministry of Education began the delivery of textbooks for the subjects of Language and Literature and Science and Technology to students of basic education and secondary education. In the first delivery, coordinated by the Minister of Education, Mauricio Pineda, 1.5 million free books were allocated, which represents economic relief for parents.

“It is a great benefit because it translates into more students in the school. We thank you for these resources. We have 40 more students who will also have access to a quality education,” emphasized the director of the school.