Public schools and communities will be able to reserve spaces to enter Sunset Park for free

The government of President Nayib Bukele, through the Ministry of Tourism and the Salvadoran Institute of Tourism, reported this Sunday that public schools and communities in the country that wish to visit the Sunset Park Amusement Park will be able to enter for free.

According to the authorities, students and families from communities seeking this benefit must send a request to the email or write to the WhatsApp number 7207 2382.

In this way, those interested will reserve space to attend the attractions at no cost on a day of the week that will be destined to receive visitors from these sectors.

It should be noted that the first day of work of the long-awaited Sunset Park Amusement Park in the Port of La Libertad received more than six thousand visitors, including local and international tourists, who enjoyed this attraction framed in Surf City.

«These 6,000 people enjoyed each of the attractions, not counting all the companions who came,» reported the president of the Salvadoran Institute of Tourism (ISTU), Eny Aguiñada, in the delivery of an informative balance on the tourist site.

Meanwhile, the head of the ISTU explained that the entire tourist complex of the port of La Libertad received the visit of more than 27,000 tourists, who also enjoyed the tourist attractions offered by this coastal area.

«One of the biggest attractions that tourists have found has been La Ferris Wheel, which is 25 meters long and is a mechanical game that allows you to contemplate the view of the Pacific Ocean,» said the official of the main attraction that draws the attention of thousands of tourists.

The second favorite mechanical game of Salvadorans is the Roller Coaster, followed by the Pirate Ship. According to data from the ISTU, an average of 400 people play the mechanical games every hour.

The Sunset Park Amusement Park is part of phase II of the Surf City I Project in the department of La Libertad, executed by the Government of President Nayib Bukele to boost the economy and investment in El Salvador through tourism.