El Salvador works on the job placement of single mothers

The Ministry of Labor continued this Tuesday, August 30, with the signing of employment contracts for single mothers in the eastern part of the country. This time, the event was held at Grupo Calvo in La Unión.

“We are meeting, as we were in November of last year, when the Ministry of Labor launched the Opportunities program,” said Grupo Calvo’s corporate social responsibility coordinator, Marcela Cazares, who added:

“We are supporting this initiative, focusing on single mothers who bring support to their homes. This is aligned with our strategy as a company,” she said.

For his part, the plant manager of Grupo Calvo, Ramón Rama, reiterated that “we are here to support this program for single mothers. I think it is a very good initiative. In everything we can help with, we are totally at your service.

The Minister of Labor, Rolando Castro, highlighted that Grupo Calvo is an anchor of development in La Unión. “They put up a very important pole of development.”

«This day we are doing placement, in La Unión, with Grupo Calvo. Then we moved to San Miguel, ” said the head of the Ministry of Labor.