More than 27,000 tourists visited the tourist complex in the port of La Libertad over the weekend

The president of the Salvadoran Institute of Tourism, Eny Aguinada, together with the Deputy Minister of Transportation, Saúl Castelar, provided details about the Puerto de La Libertad Tourist Complex and indicated that to date it has been visited by more than 27,000 tourists.

“One of the biggest attractions that tourists have found has been the Ferris Wheel, which is 25 meters tall and is a mechanical game that allows you to contemplate the view of the Pacific Ocean,” said the president of the ISTU, Eny Aguiñada.

Therefore, the president of the ISTU stated that, within the tourist complex of the port of La Libertad, there is also a gastronomic plaza that has eight restaurants, which has helped to receive more visitors daily.

“We are two and a half hours after opening the park and the entrance of 800 people to the park is counted. That is to say, every hour we have an average of 400 people entering Sunset Park. Only the Tourist Complex annually closes to an average of 1.4 million visitors. Now with Sunset Park, we hope to exceed 2 million”. She stated.

Likewise, Saúl Castelar stated that 75 people, including managers and agents of the National Civil Police (PNC), are regulating vehicular traffic in the Sunset Park sector, in the Port of La Libertad.

“We are verifying the controls that we carry out in the Sunset Park area to ensure smooth traffic,” he said.

Astrid Ruiz, a compatriot living in the United States, visited the Sunset Park Amusement Park and recounted her experience.

«I came about 7 years ago and I was very afraid to go out. Now I feel safer. This park is very similar to one we have been to in California called Santa Monica. Thank God we have a president who is doing many things for the future of the country,” said Astrid Ruiz, a visitor.