Salvadoran coffee exports grew by 67% this year

The exotic aroma and flavor of Salvadoran coffee continue to conquer palates around the world, and proof of this is the $169 million worth of this grain that was exported between January and July 2022.

According to the latest foreign trade report from the Central Reserve Bank (BCR), the increase amounts to 67.2% with respect to sales made in the same period of 2021.

“This growth of 67.2% that coffee has had is represented by $68 million of what was exported in the first seven months of last year,” said the president of the state bank, Douglas Rodríguez.

The official also indicated that, in total, 657,000 quintals of national grain were sold abroad, which were sold for an average price of $257, and that these reached more than 40 countries around the world. The increase in the volume of exports is 12%, when compared to what was moved during the first seven months of last year.

On the other hand, Rodríguez also highlighted that the international prices of coffee that are currently managed especially benefit the Salvadoran aromatic.

“The increase in the international price of coffee is benefiting the country, and mainly those producers who are currently selling their grain price at 67.2%,” said the head of the BCR.

He also pointed out that, of the 40 nations to which the national grain arrived, eight of them were not part of the country’s buyers last year, but this one was, such as: Malaysia, Slovenia, Poland, Argentina, Denmark, Mexico, Guatemala, and Costa Rica.

The 10 main consumers of the Salvadoran aromatic are the United States, Germany, Belgium, Greece, Japan, Italy, Australia, the United Kingdom, South Korea and Saudi Arabia.

According to the BCR’s July report, coffee was among the six national products that were sold the most abroad, including t-shirts with sales of $504 million, sweaters with $303 million, in addition to plastic containers that accumulated sales of $194 million, electric semiconductors with $160 million, and toilet paper with sales of $102 million.