El Salvador registers a significant increase in electricity exports

This Friday, the Central Reserve Bank (BCR) presented important figures on exports in El Salvador; The institution states that the country increased by 17% during the month of July, and electricity is among the most benefited sectors.

In this sense, President Nayib Bukele assures that the country went from importing energy to exporting $31 million, surpassing figures registered between the months of January and July of this year.

“Exports grew 17%, we went from importing energy to exporting $900,000 and now we export $31 million,” the president said through his official Twitter account.

On the other hand, the president indicated that El Salvador has “the lowest inflation rate in Central America,” and that, to date, the creation of “70,000 new jobs and tourism continues to grow.”

Earlier, the president of the BCR, Douglas Rodríguez, reported at a press conference that exports in El Salvador increased by 17% in July 2022, since revenues of $4,494.1 million were recorded, an amount higher by $644.5 million than was recorded in the same period of that month in 2021.

According to the president of the BCR, July 2022 is the second month with the highest exports in the history of El Salvador, only surpassed by May of this year.

The official reported that in the “manufacturing industry, growth of 15% was recorded by accumulating exports of $4,249.2 million.” And he highlighted coffee exports in the period from January to July 2022, in which revenues of $169 million were recorded.