Salvadoran government digitizes 2,000 procedures in a single window

The new “Simple” single window is the new channel for salvadorans to carry out more than 2,000 procedures digitally, from obtaining proof of criminal records to permits to change the engine of a vehicle.

The new portal includes 21 categories of procedures from various ministries, including Agriculture, Finance, Government, and Security, as well as the National Registration Center (CNR), the Directorate of Migration, and ANDA.

Fabrizio Mena, Undersecretary of Innovation, assured that the platform lists more than 2,000 procedures and new digital processes will be incorporated every week. “Thus, regardless of the category or the institution with which you want to access a service, you can do it from your home, your work or from anywhere,” he posted on Twitter.

To access the procedures, you must first create a digital identity (ID) that is verified and managed by the National Registry of Natural Persons. For this, the user must enter their unique identity document number (DUI) and accept the terms and conditions of the portal.

The platform also has an electronic signature and a payment gateway.

In each procedure, the user will be able to identify the necessary documentation, the cost of the process, the duration of the issue and the payment method to carry it out.

Popular procedures

The new window includes popular procedures for Salvadorans, such as the issuance of proof of criminal and police records, a request for an appointment to obtain a passport in El Salvador and abroad, an electronic apostille, and certification of a high school diploma.

In addition, business procedures are incorporated, such as authorization to open an establishment and accounting, as well as registration of patents and permits for the marketing of food products.

In the listed procedures, there is also the authorization for driving schools and examiners, and other popular ones such as requesting a change in the color of motor vehicles and the engine.

Mena announced that they are working to incorporate other procedures under the charge of municipalities, such as the issuance of birth certificates. Until last night, the construction category had no services available, as well as work and employer obligations, and tourism.

What procedures can you do at the window?

The government assured us that it will continue to incorporate more procedures into the Simple Window, which until yesterday totaled 2,000 digital processes.

1. Background

The most popular in the new window are the issuance of the criminal record certificate that costs $3 and the police record that costs $3.50. On the platform, you can pay for the procedure to receive it online or make an appointment.


You can manage the proof of non-service of drinking water, a request to change the name of the account holder, manage the feasibility procedures for a home and the solvency of a drinking water and sewerage account.


The issuance of a passport for the first time for Salvadorans of legal age abroad comes with a cost of $40 for those in Central America and $60 for those residing outside the region.


Some procedures are carried out by the Ministry of Education, such as certification of the registration of basic and secondary education grades, and the registration of the secondary education title, as well as the creation, nomination, and operation of educational centers.


Authorization for road rehabilitation centers, examination companies, driving schools, temporary parking, and to install gates on public roads. In addition, permits for the provision of public transport services.

6.-DUI and Apostille

The legalization of documents (apostille) for international use is free of charge, as is the DUI certification for administrative procedures. This can be done by a third party on behalf of the owner.


Procedures related to the opening of establishments, the allocation of maximum sales prices to the public, and the authorization of plant and animal products and agricultural inputs, as well as a mortgage on a company.


Included are procedures such as approval of formal and informal accounting; approval of church dissolutions; approval of financial statements; and authorization of the operation of foreign entities, among others.

9.-Environment and agriculture

Authorization of places to smoke; for the importation of products of plant origin and agricultural inputs; for the formulation of projects; for the exploration of groundwater and drilling of wells; among others.