Samsung Electronics Visualizes the Future in El Salvador

In order to explore opportunities to establish an alliance to strengthen the country’s technological capabilities, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Alexandra Hill, held a meeting with the president of Samsung Electronics for Latin America, Hong Sang Jo.

The representative of the firm expressed that one of the bets is to train young people to be able to “access a high-value labor market.”

Samsung Electronics has promoted initiatives in El Salvador that have benefited the educational community. An example of this is the support for the project developed at the “Benjamín Estrada Valiente” School Center, located in Metapán, Santa Ana. In addition, there is the “Solutions for the Future” program, which stimulates creativity, innovation, and problem solving. problems. El Salvador is one of the 17 countries in which it is implemented.

“Training in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) is expanding in our country. Technological development is a priority for President Nayib Bukele. Count on us, our doors are open,” Chancellor Hill told the Samsung team.

During the meeting, the chancellor also made reference to the 2030 Digital Agenda, a public policy that was presented by the Undersecretary for Innovation, Fabrizio Mena, during his visit to South Korea in early July.

Tinoco also referred to the National Connectivity Plan, an initiative established in the axis of Innovation, Education, and Competitiveness, in charge of the government.

Samsung Electronics is a multinational firm headquartered in Seoul, South Korea, with assembly plants and sales outlets in more than 60 countries.

The firm executes, as part of its corporate social responsibility, initiatives for digital education, children’s education, and the improvement of technical capacities.