The First Lady seeks to implement an Italian pediatric care model in the country

With the aim of implementing the Italian pediatric care model in El Salvador, the first lady, Gabriela de Bukele, visited the pediatric area of the National Cancer Institute in Milan on this day, as part of her agenda for the Lombardy region, Italy..

“The Salvadoran Government wishes to continue with the academic and professional exchange between both institutions to promote changes in the country regarding care services for children with oncological diseases and for their families,”First Lady.

Gabriela de Bukele seeks to strengthen cooperation between the National Cancer Institute of Milan (INT, for its acronym in Italian) and the Benjamín Bloom National Children’s Hospital, with which INT has been working closely.

In the same way, with the implementation of this health model, it is intended that children who, for some reason, are hospitalized can continue their education in spaces enabled in the hospital compound, in the same way that they can have the necessary recreation for their development.

“Like this hospital in Milan, El Salvador seeks to reduce hospital stays and offer environments where patients always feel accompanied and should not be abandoned at any time by their families,” the office stressed.

On the other hand, the first lady, Gabriela de Bukele, was accompanied by the Minister of Health, Francisco Alabi, and a Framework Agreement for Health Cooperation was signed between the Cancer Institute and the San Matteo Polyclinic and the Ministry of Health (Minsal) of El Salvador, which will allow the prevention, treatment, and training of medical human resources in the oncology area through collaboration between Italian institutions and the Minsal.