Salvadorans will have a first-generation electronic passport in 2023

The director of Immigration and Immigration, Ricardo Cucalón, attended the Dialogue interview with Ernesto López, in which he referred to the new modality in which the passport will be presented soon and the flow of tourists who will visit the country in the August holidays.

According to Ricardo Cucalón, it is expected that in 2023, Salvadorans will have a first-generation electronic passport.

“Possibly in December, we will carry out the first tests to have our electronic passport at the beginning of 2023,” he announced, adding that Salvadorans could already acquire passports in early January and February.

“The security measures of our passport are not bad, but the electronic passport will be of the latest generation,” he assured.

The director of Immigration and Immigration emphasized that there are “more than 450 employees for immigration control, scattered at all borders, land, sea, and air.” In addition, he provided important figures regarding the total number of tourists who have visited the country to date this year and those who are expected to visit for the next vacation.

«Only in the first semester, from January to June, do we have more than one million 800,000 visitors from the United States, Argentina, Honduras, Guatemala, Mexico, and Europe. People are getting to know the new El Salvador. Between Salvadorans and foreigners, more than four million have visited us in the first semester,” he reiterated and specified that approximately 235,000 people are expected on vacation from August 1 to 7, and attributed these figures to security in the country in the fight against gangs.

“Thanks to the fight against the gangs, the flow of tourists to the country has increased, many of them Salvadorans who come to visit their families,” he pointed out.