El Salvador seeks to quadruple its logistics capacity and meets with the Korean delegation Eximbank

Officials from the Government of El Salvador and the Central American Bank for Economic Integration (CABEI) met this Thursday with a delegation from Korea Eximbank intending to discuss progress in the process of financing strategic projects in the country.

According to the president of the Autonomous Executive Port Commission, Federico Anliker López, this meeting is one more step to finalize projects in terms of logistics infrastructure and road connectivity in El Salvador.

“We are glad to have Eximbank as a strategic ally that is interested in supporting emblematic development projects for our country,” he said, explaining that one of the projects being discussed is the expansion of the Port of Acajutla and Los Chorros, the whose purpose is to quadruple the logistics capacity.

“We are very happy about this visit they are making to our country. A Master Plan for Infrastructure and Connectivity has been developed to generate growth and economic development for El Salvador,” said the Minister of Public Works, Romeo Rodríguez Herrera, to the Korea Eximbank delegation.

For his part, the Minister of Finance, Alejandro Zelaya, referred to the work that Korea has done for the country.

“Korea has long represented a very important partner for El Salvador in development and especially in infrastructure projects,” he commented, adding:

“The Port of Acajutla, which is the project that concerns us today, has been abandoned for a long time. This is the first government that thinks of intervening in a transcendental way in the infrastructure of the port », he said.

The director of the Department of Multilateral Operations of Korea Eximbank, Woo Young CHOI, reacted to the projects that are being worked on in conjunction with the Government of El Salvador.

“Korea Eximbank has held talks with El Salvador for two important projects: development of the Port of Acajutla and Los Chorros Project,” reiterated the director of the Department of Multilateral Operations of Korea Eximbank, Woo Young CHOI, who commented:

“We hope that Korea Eximbank and Korea will become good allies of El Salvador,” he emphasized.