During the exception regime, more than $1.5 million and 44,000 drug portions were seized

In 103 days since the execution of the exception regime, the authorities report the capture of 44,937 gang members, from whom 1,038 firearms and 10,164 cell phones have been seized.

“This is evidence of the overwhelming results obtained since the War Against Gangs began,” Security Minister Gustavo Villatoro reported this Friday.

During the operations, authorities have also seized more than 44,000 portions of drugs and more than $1.5 million in cash. Most of the money comes from extortion and drug sales.

“With God’s help, the leadership of our President, Nayib Bukele, and the support of honorable Salvadorans, we will continue to confront terrorists,” Villatoro said.

He added that within what was seized from the gangs, there are also 1,235 vehicles that will be made available to the police, prosecutor’s office, and the Armed Forces to continue fighting the maras.


Between March 27 and July 7, the Security Cabinet has recorded 51 days with zero homicides.

May closed with 17 homicides in 31 days, becoming the safest month in Salvadoran history, surpassing April of this year, which closed with 22 violent deaths.

According to figures from the National Civil Police (PNC), so far this year there have been 58 days without violent deaths. Seven of these were achieved prior to the regime.