More than 1,700 soldiers support emergency work due to rains

The Ministry of Defense has allocated 1,750 military personnel to directly attend to the emergencies caused in El Salvador by storm Bonnie over the weekend, the minister, René Merino Monroy, reported yesterday.

The Minister of Defense explained that they have worked jointly with other government institutions to safeguard the lives of Salvadorans.

Elements of the Armed Forces of El Salvador have been participating since Saturday night in the removal of debris, evacuation of people, and providing security in shelters and areas affected by the strong tropical storm of the previous Saturday.

“We have a presence in the shelters that have been set up, providing security for our population. The preparation we have as the National Civil Protection Commission shows us that we can support the population through boats that help in emergency actions,” said the official.

The defense Minstry has also made air, land, and naval transport available to citizens to support the population.

The heavy rains recorded over the weekend caused 99 tree falls and 30 landslides throughout the country, flooding neighborhoods, and streets, as well as structural damage to highways and urban areas, due to water saturation.

Civil Protection has decreed a red alert in 42 municipalities and an orange alert in the rest of the country due to the rains that are expected this Monday and the next few days.