The Salvadoran coast offers tourists 100+ restaurants with sea views

National and international tourists who visit Salvadoran beaches can enjoy more than 100 restaurants with ocean views, according to the study “Coastal Route 101 restaurants with incredible views of the Salvadoran coast” carried out by students of the tourism and marketing careers of Dr. José Matías Delgado University in collaboration with the Comelongo food business App.

“The restaurants that we find in the coastal area have extensive facilities, parking, a variety of dishes with excellent prices. Each dish is served with a warm smile, made with local ingredients and a mix of culinary techniques between local Mayan Pipil and international cuisine,” explained Luis Siliezar, general manager of

The dishes that coastal restaurants sell the most, according to the research, are seafood, fried fish, cocktails, and ceviches.

Among the total of 75 beaches taken into account for the study, El Tunco, San Blas, and Salinitas stand out, in the center and west, up to Jaguey, Cuco, and Las Tunas in the east of the country.

“El Salvador is a small tropical paradise that has 321 kilometers of coastline on the Pacific Ocean. Its beaches are incredible as they range from black volcanic sand to white coral reefs. Many of the beaches are popular with domestic and foreign tourists, but there is much to discover », he added.

According to data from the Ministry of Tourism, collected by the researchers, the origin of the majority of tourists who visit El Salvador are from the United States and neighboring countries such as Guatemala and Honduras; they enjoy all the attractions of the coast, especially surfing, relaxation and food.

Regarding the use of technological tools used by businesses to advertise their attractions, the research indicates that of 100% of the selected restaurants, 90% have a Facebook page, and a smaller percentage, have an Instagram account.

In this sense, it recommends training 90% of restaurants that already use a social network to maximize the use of their profiles on Facebook, Instagram, and other tools such as Google, Comelongo, and Tripadvisor.