A Salvadoran living abroad invests $3 million in a new hotel in La Libertad

The project, which was launched by Diego Morales, a Salvadoran who emigrated 25 years ago to the United States, will feature cutting-edge technology and first-world cuisine for domestic and foreign tourists.

A new tourism investment is being executed in the country. This is The Views Resort hotel, which is being built with an investment of $3 million on El Palmarcito beach, in Tamanique, La Libertad.

The work reflects the dreams of Diego Morales, a Salvadoran who emigrated 25 years ago to the United States, where he worked in grass cutting, construction, and restaurants. His hard work led him to create his own construction company, and then to real estate sales.

The compatriot decided to return to his homeland, La Libertad, to invest in the construction of the hotel with a view to generating jobs, attracted by the economic growth and security that the country is experiencing.

Morales belongs to the group of Salvadorans Abroad (Salex), who have decided to invest in the land where they were born, thus contributing to economic and social development and also job creation. The items in which the Salex invest the most are tourism, commercial and residential.

Currently, The Views Resort is 70% complete, generating around 30 direct jobs and many more indirect jobs in its construction phase.

As explained by the investor, Salex, the hotel building will have 12 rooms, equipped with high technology, and will also offer national and international cuisine. The new investment will add to the success of the Surf City strategy of President Nayib Bukele’s government.

«I have been doing business with bitcoin abroad for two years. Without a doubt, this has made it easier for me to make the investment here in my country. I appreciate the support from the Central Government and for all the initiatives aimed at creating an economically developed country; having an institution like Proesa that accompanies us in the investment processes is worthy of admiration », he said.

For its part, the government, through the Export and Investment Promotion Agency of El Salvador (Proesa), provides support to the hundreds of entrepreneurs who have come to the country in the last three years to invest in different projects.

The president of Proesa, Salvador Gómez Góchez, confirmed that the climate of security and stability offered by the country has led to Salex investments of more than $300 million in the current government administration.