El Salvador and China are enhancing their diplomatic relations and multilateral cooperation

On this day, the special representative of the Chinese Government for Latin America and the Caribbean, Ambassador Qiu Xiaoqi, held a meeting with President Nayib Bukele in order to strengthen diplomatic relations between the two nations.

During the meeting, President Nayib Bukele exchanged views with Ambassador Qiu Xiaoqi on common international issues.

At the meeting, both representatives also exchanged their perspectives on bilateral relations between China and El Salvador.

Subsequently, Ambassador Qiu Xiaoqi also held a meeting with the Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs, Adriana Mira, in which they spoke constructively about multilateral cooperation between the two countries.

Since December 2019, China has committed to investing in the construction of a soccer stadium, a library, a water treatment plant, and other projects in Surf City, La Libertad, El Salvador.