The ISSS will build the new Surgical and May 1st hospitals. (MQ y 1 de Mayo)

The general director of the Salvadoran Institute of Social Security (ISSS) announced on Tuesday that they will build a new Médico Quirurgico Hospital, and a new May 1st Hospital, which is specialized in maternal and child health. The new infrastructure will be located in the Monserrat Citadel, and will form part of the new hospital medical complex.

According to the head of the ISSS, projections indicate that the new Surgical Medical Hospital would be ready in two years.

Therefore, the current Surgical Hospital will become the nephro-oncology center for hospitalization areas for cancer patients. “For the first time, we will have our own hospital for patients with kidney disease and terminally ill cancer patients. We will no longer have cross-flow of patients,” Ayala explained.

This new nephro-oncology hospital will offer the third level of care, and they are currently projecting the costs and the areas that will be preserved from the previous infrastructure. “We would have hospitalization areas for kidney patients and cancer patients,” Ayala reported.

In relation to the work carried out in the institution, the director, Mónica Ayala, indicated that they have extended the hours of the operating rooms to reduce waiting times. Similarly, through the Dr. ISSS online telemedicine service, they have provided 24/7 consultations, electronic prescriptions, and home delivery of medication. To date, they have served more than 116,000 beneficiaries,

«We began to expand the purchase of equipment, we are the administration that has hired the most personnel. In my administration alone, we have hired 3,000 resources. We have the best specialists, we are a school for medicine”, explained Dr. Ayala.