The Ministry of Public Works improves the roads to the borders as part of the mobility and logistics plan

The Ministry of Public Works (MOP) develops various connectivity and road infrastructure projects as part of the Mobility and Logistics Plan, with which they seek to reduce the time and cost of freight transport that circulates between nations.

According to the head of public works, Romeo Rodríguez, the plan “will reduce transport times mainly with Guatemala, which is where most of the exports move,” he said this morning in the YSKL radio interview.

In this sense, they are paving the street between El Coco – La Magdalena, which will connect with Jerez, in Guatemala. Two kilometers of this project have already been completed. Currently, through FOVIAL, they have put out to tender 12 kilometers, and in the next few days offers will be presented.

In addition, they are building a new 1.4-kilometer, four-lane highway and a bridge in La Hachadura (General Manuel José Arce International Bridge). In that same area, the road reconstruction of the street that leads to the border has already been completed.

Similarly, the MOP and Fovial have carried out the reconstruction of more than 30 kilometers of the road to the Las Chinamas border, a project that favors trade routes between the countries. The Mobility and Logistics Plan emerged after the MOP identified that there is a competitive disadvantage compared to countries that have more basic infrastructure, so they designed said plan to facilitate the movement of goods and boost the country’s economy.

On the other hand, the minister explained that the design and construction project for the overpass at kilometer 5 of the highway to Acajutla is already out to tender; a project that also includes two kilometers of street to four lanes.