Inflation in El Salvador fell from 6.7% in March to 6.55% in April

Due to the 11 measures against world inflation, implemented by the government of President Nayib Bukele, El Salvador has the lowest inflation rate in the region.

“In Central America, the average inflation is 7.2% and in El Salvador it is 6.55%, that is, we are below the average for the region” — Minister of Economy María Luisa Hayem.

The official highlighted that there is a reduction in inflation in the country, which has gone from 6.7% to 6.55% from March to April.

The Government of the Republic launched the 11 measures against inflation with the aim of taking care of the pockets of Salvadorans. Later, the Salvadoran president set fuel prices, which makes El Salvador the country with the lowest prices in the region.

“We have worked with the Legislative Assembly to be able to approve this decree, which allows us to freeze fuel prices; that a 30% increase in prices is not being perceived by the population” — said the Minister of Economy.