New street access to El Boquerón, on Monseñor Romero Boulevard will benefit more than 8,000 drivers

This Tuesday, government officials handed over the new street access to El Boquerón, on Monseñor Romero Boulevard.

This is the new street access to the volcano from Monseñor Romero Boulevard, in Santa Tecla, which was inaugurated this morning by the Minister of Public Works, Romeo Rodríguez.

«It has entrance to the street of El Boquerón and an exit to Monseñor Romero Boulevard. Approximately 20 minutes will be reduced for those who travel through this street” — the Minister of Public Works, Romeo Rodríguez Herrera said and added that more than 8,000 drivers will benefit daily.

According to the authorities, the objective of this project is to improve mobility and interconnection for the vehicular flow that is incorporated from Monseñor Romero Boulevard to El Boquerón Street and vice versa.

For her part, the Minister of Tourism, Morena Valdez, highlighted the increase in tourism generated by this type of work. “We have calculated that this access will benefit more than 1,500 companies” — explained the Minister of Tourism.

There will be more than 8,000 drivers who will benefit from the new access to the volcano, a figure that increases on weekends, according to the authorities.

The executed investment was approximately $641,000, according to the head of the MOP, Romeo Rodríguez.