The Ministry of Public Works rebuilt 44 kilometers of Ruta de Las Flores road

The Minister of Public Works, Romeo Herrera, together with the executive director of the Road Conservation Fund (Fovial), Alex Beltrán, inaugurated the road construction of the Ruta de Las Flores, which starts from Ahuachapán to Sonsonate, work that aims to allow better connectivity and efficient logistics.

“Through these types of actions, we are boosting the country’s economy because we have to hire labor and, additionally, we are buying construction materials” — Minister Herrera said during the press conference.

The authorities indicated that the project began 5 months ago and they carried out a pavement recycling, which consisted of the renovation of 44 kilometers of highway, where gutters were also built and the shoulders of the roads were improved.

They added that this month they will carry out horizontal and vertical signage.

Similarly, they explained that the investment for this project was $8.7 million and that it would benefit more than 200,000 people who live in surrounding areas, since it is the main tourist and trade route in the area.

Among these, 187 tourist companies and 129 gastronomic businesses will benefit, and it is reported that on the days of greatest influx, up to 144 thousand tourists have been registered.

“Through this work, tourism, the local economy, and the different families are also encouraged, because they will be able to travel on a street in decent conditions” — added the Minister of Public Works.