The Ministry of Education delivers computers to more than 2,000 special education students in the public sector

The interim Minister of Education, Mauricio Pineda, delivered on Monday, May 9, specialized personal computers for 2,440 students with disabilities, from fourth grade to high school, from the 30 special education schools in the country’s public education sector.

The head of education attended the San Jacinto School of Special Education to supervise the delivery of computers.

Specialized computers cost between $400 and $1,800. “Investing in students drives the development of a country, and you are important to this government” said Mauricio Pineda.

It is worth mentioning that this team has an appropriate system so that students with visual disabilities can do their homework and research without any interruption. That is, laptops have a keyboard that incorporates the braille method, while computers for low-vision students incorporate keyboards with larger letters and a voice recognition system to use them.

“They are inclusive computers that eliminate any type of barrier. It is a new tool, it is something unprecedented” — reiterated the interim Minister of Education.