DOM will execute more than a thousand projects throughout the national territory

According to the executive director of the Municipal Works Directorate (DOM), Alvaro O’Byrne, the entity intends to carry out more than a thousand projects throughout Salvadoran territory, including road renovation works, drinking water, electrification, infrastructure, and emblematic transformations, such as the case of the city of El Mozote.

Renovation projects

The DOM began with the renovation work on the Walter Thilo Deininger Boulevard, as hundreds of tourists pass through the municipality of Antiguo Cuscatlán for its local attractions and shops.

On the other hand, the executive director, O’Byrne, highlighted the remodeling project of the city of El Mozote, department of Morazán.

“We will continue intervening in the Memorial Plaza. We are going to finish it as requested by the president. This work is going to leave a legacy in El Mozote. The idea of ​​​​our president is that it be a totally new municipality, a transformation for all the people who live in the municipality” — Alvaro O’Byrne, executive director of the Municipal Works department.

The DOM’s Patching Plan has already intervened in 68 municipalities nationwide, as is the case of Santa Rosa de Lima in La Unión, where up to 30,000 inhabitants will benefit.

The Resilient Local Economic Development Project

The Resilient Local Economic Development Project, funded by the World Bank for $116 million, is another of the DOM’s flagship initiatives.This investment will provide opportunities for the proposals made by different mayors in order to bring progress to their municipalities.

120 mayors have submitted proposals for local works aimed at improving infrastructure, street renovation, and reconstruction, according to Executive Director O’Byrne.

This project (for the second component) has an amount of $54 million for regional projects that benefit several municipalities, and the mayors are already presenting their technical proposals; there is also $10 million that will allow the strengthening of the municipal capacities of the personnel of all the mayors” — Alvaro O’Byrne.

Currently, the Municipal Works Department has generated more than a thousand direct jobs and hundreds more indirect jobs, which is an important factor in boosting the local economy by transforming the living conditions of Salvadorans.