The Ministry of Public Works is working on the construction of 30 kilometers of cycle paths in the metropolitan area of San Salvador

The Metropolitan Area of ​​San Salvador (AMSS) will have 30 kilometers of bike lanes for the following year, as reported by the Minister of Public Works, Romeo Rodríguez. According to the official, they have made a contract for $2 million with a company to develop a signaling project, which includes the development of 15 kilometers of bike path in the AMSS.

«The bike path will connect with the Hippodrome Boulevard, the UES, the El Principito park, and sectors of Santa Tecla. The idea is to take it and have a circuit in the area. The master plan is already elaborated, only the designs are being made” — explained Minister Rodríguez in the space of the interview with Diana Verónica and Tony, on radio Punto 105.

By 2023, they would establish an additional 15 kilometers, accounting for 30 kilometers of bike lanes in the AMSS alone. According to Rodríguez, this length represents what is projected to have an adequate circuit.

Similarly, he explained that to build these cycle path spaces they are not “planning to reduce road space”, but rather it is about improving the existing cycle paths and connecting them to create a complete circuit for users. Besides, they have identified the streets that have adequate width to build on.

“This reduces pollution, it is healthy, but you should also bet on the mass transportation system. Seven lines are being analyzed for the new mass transportation system. We already have two lines that were delivered to us. They are under review and observation at the MOP. One of these lines is from San Martin to Las Delicias” — said the official.