ANDA receives the Climate Champion Award during the Regional Congress on Environmental Sustainability

The president of ANDA, Rubén Alemán, received the “Climate Champion Award” awarded to the institution within the framework of the Regional Congress on Environmental Sustainability.

According to the ANDA President, Rubén Alemán, the sanitation and management of drinking water by ANDA is part of the actions of the Government of El Salvador to provide quality in the sector, which was abandoned during previous administrations.

“Our sanitation team regulates the quality of special types of wastewater that is discharged into the sanitary sewer. We follow strict protocols to ensure compliance with regulations and monitor their quality”— Rubén Alemán said.

The official also highlighted the modernization of water supply systems, water quality, sanitation, energy efficiency, and customer service, axes on which ANDA is working.

“We know where we are going, climate-protecting our infrastructure, ensuring that quality and quantity of water reaches all Salvadoran homes” — Rubén Alemán.